Unconditional Universal Free Basic Income
For All Worldwide
Nations World Economic System - Global Economic System

What we have today is NOT globalization!
The term: Globalization
Globalization normally means the affiliation to common economics, to a common market and a common currency.

What we have today is a
Nations world economic system:
- The nations compete against each other on the world market.
- Buyers on the world market want to buy the products cheapest.
- The productions are moving to nations and places (sweat-shops) where the products can be produced cheapest. To countries with lowest labor costs, with inhuman work (slavery) and living conditions and without social security systems.
- To sell cheap the nation needs a low valued currency, but this means buy expensive: the value of exports must be a lot higher then the value of imports to get an equal financial transfer balance.
- And the worst: Poor nations are not able for environmental care, the present system is polluting and poisoning our earth! The money has no value anymore at a polluted and poisoned earth, a possible paradise for all is lost forever!

Race to the bottom:
To remain competitive nations and companies have to push down the minimum wage again and again as much as possible.
This means for workers with debt to repay with lower income, that is deflation for workers.

The financial elite promotes a free trade and money transfer.
But a nations world economic system is not compatible with free trade and money transfer. Free trade favors those who most efficiently exploit human beings and nature.
It causes that nations with a negative transfer balance accumulate more and more debts until bankruptcy.
The now favoured nations will end up in mass unemployment and bankrupt governments - unemployed cannot pay tax for a social system!
The disadvantaged nations will be drained out until there will be nothing left.
The present system is disadvantageous for all nations.

The present economic system is exactly the opposite what all the people want!
It is just for the benefit of these few elite super-rich.
But even for them the benefits are just temporary:
- a collapse of the interest debt money system makes all money worthless (hyperinflation)
- in a world where 99.9% of the people are completely broke an economy is almost non-existent
- once our earth is completely polluted and poisoned life will be hardly possible anymore.

What we need is a
Global Economic System:
- The nations are not forced to compete against each other anymore.
- Negative balances at international transfers are not possible anymore, so no debt creation and interest payments because of that needed anymore.
- The labor conditions are the same worldwide (no sweat-shops, no economic refugees anymore).
- Because the labor costs are the same worldwide the products are produced where they are used, saving transport costs;
- An equal free basic income for all worldwide, no economic refugees anymore, poverty elimination for good!
- Where environment, health and public welfare are first, and not the economy and profit.

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